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Can you ever make your business or your home clean and safe enough? Defending your world from germs is an important and ongoing battle. Nowhere is this truer than in our bathrooms and public washrooms, where a lethal army of microbes march through daily.

...thousands of germs live on an ordinary toilet plunger.Did you know that about one-third of human feces consists of bacterial debris? Or that thousands of germs live on an ordinary toilet plunger?

You might be responsible for a facility where cleanliness is just another important issue, such as food and hospitality services. It could literally be a matter of life and death if you manage an establishment which caters to people who are most vulnerable to infection, such as children, the elderly, the sick and the immune-suppressed.

At home, you might have pets or toddlers who think everything - even a toilet plunger - is a toy. Or maybe, like many people, you just can't stand the unsightliness and odor of an exposed janitorial plunger.

We invite you to review our selection of cutting-edge products, which were created specifically to help those who care about cleanliness and safety. We designed each one carefully to meet all your needs, tested it stringently and kept it functional and streamlined to keep it as affordable as possible. All products are patent pending and available only from The Good Manors Company.

Sani-Plunge Homestyle
Your body excretes about 100 billion bacteria of 75 different kinds each and every day. This is perfectly normal for a healthy person, but among these bacteria, there are many pathogens which can be harmful and cause illness to you, your children or your pets.

An exposed toilet plunger is a prospective breeding ground for germs. Even your most discriminating homeowner cannot see these germs, much less the children who put everything into their mouths, or dogs that lick up drips from the bathroom floor.

Sani-Plunge Homestyle was created to help you protect your family from the spread of fecal bacteria in your home. It's made from durable, easy-to-clean white plastic that completely encloses your plunger. The hinged flip-top lid keeps out little hands and inquisitive noses. The canister is vented for air circulation and the base is raised on a thin rim so the bottom doesn't trap moisture.

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Sani-Plunge Janitorial
If you run a hospital or top-notch hotel, you probably have professional concerns about allowing your patrons to see an exposed toilet plunger being carried about the premises. Not only is the exposed plunger likely to be coated with disease-causing bacteria, but letting the plunger drain freely or be carried without a container, sends a clear message that cleanliness is not a top priority at your facility.

The Center for Disease Control, in its publication “Guidelines for Environmental Control,” March, 2005, mandates the prevention of acquired infections by using protective coverings on surfaces that are likely to become contaminated with body substances, such as fecal material.

Sani-Plunge Janitorial offers a clean, stylish and hygienic way for janitors and custodians to store and transport the toilet plungers that are used in your facility.

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Sani-Plunge Commercial
If you manage any facility which contains a public bathroom, you carry a major responsibility for the health of everyone who passes through your building. The Center for Disease Control recommends that you take precautions about the dozens of species of microbes that build up on your bathroom equipment.

You can help prevent the accidental spread of fecal bacteria and protect your facility from being held accountable with Sani-Plunge Commercial. The commercial model was designed specifically to accommodate all sizes of heavy-duty and industrial plungers. It's made from durable, easy-clean white plastic with a hinged flip-top lid. The canister is vented near the top so the interior is ventilated without leaking.

The Sani-Plunge Commercial is ideal for facilities that store their toilet plungers accessibly in a public washroom. These include:

Convenience Stores
Industrial Facilities
Office Buildings
Retail Stores
Employee Washrooms
Hotels and Resorts
Grocery Stores
Nursing Homes
Customer Service Facilities

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Perfect Plunger Perfect Plunger
If you could design a single plunger to combine all the best features that are currently available, this would be it. The Perfect Plunger was crafted with care and precision to minimize health risks and make cleaning and storage easy and sanitary. No other plunger on the market combines every single one of these special features:

  • The Perfect Plunger is guaranteed to not fold-in at the tip. This ensures that dirty water and solids will never be trapped inside the plunger cup, nor will you ever need to reach into the plunger cup to pull out the tip.
  • The Perfect Plunger is easy to push and capable of moving a large volume of water with great power, so you can clear even the most stubborn blockages with minimum effort.
  • The Perfect Plunger is designed to fit the widest possible variety of toilets and is especially useful on low water flow toilets.
  • The Perfect Plunger is extremely hard-wearing. It's made from an extra-long-lasting compound that has proven durable over 30 years of testing.

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